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Circular Hay Feeder

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Hay feeders are one of our favourite items, so it was about time to bring out a new solution to get our buns eating more hay... welcome our brand new circular hay feeder!

Made from untreated natural pine wood slats and plywood, our hay feeder is a stand alone item perfect for any area. It is a great large source of hay, big enough to last all day. Simply remove the lid and fill the drum and bunnies have a 360 degree way of accessing hay. 

Having multiple sources is key in order to ensure your bunnies diet is 90% hay, so try out our great new way to encourage this!

Our hay feeders assemble with no tools and slot together securely. 


25 cm height, 20cm diameter

Instructions: arrives flat packed and requires assembly (no tools needed). Takes a few minutes to build but as soon as it’s up it’s up for good! Simply twist each pole into its slot. We do not recommend disassembling the item regularly as it will loosen the perfectly fitting poles.


Untreated natural pine wood and plywood


Our dispatch policy is 7-14 days as all products are bespoke made to order.

UK shipping is 2-4 working days, please see our shipping page for international shipping times.

Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder
Circular Hay Feeder

Customer Reviews

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Circular hay feeder

Hello I really don’t want this to come across as negative because I love your website and everything your about some advise would be great maybe I’m doing something wrong but this is the second feeder I have and the dowels don’t stay in very well, I come back some days and my bunny’s have managed to deconstruct them I’m really reluctant to use glue as I don’t want my bunny’s to chew it if any spills over the sides I’ve tried a hammer but nothing seems to make the dowels tight in the holes any advice would be great I love the the way they look and the capacity of hay they hold and both my bunny’s love them way more than any other hay feeder I have previously had ☺️

My bun loves her new hay feeder

This is such a great hay feeder, standing up it gives access to the hay from all sides. It's much bigger than i thought it was, which means more hay! So no complaints from Cocoa. I sometimes put it on its side so it rolls slightly, or she can push it along. Big hit here! Thank you so much!

Maria Andrejevic
Fab Feeder!

Tom, my bunny loves his hay feeder.

Lorraine Smith

The perfect sized hay feeder for 2 buns, easy for them to access hay and really good quality strong wood. Love it!


Lilo loves his circular feeder, he spends so much time laying down next to it and picking out the hay. Very modern and convenient design for the bun and keeps the cage much cleaner! Thanks so much girls! 💕


How do I build your items?

Our items come flat packed and can be assembled with no tools, simply slot the pieces together! It takes less than 2 minutes. They can then be disassembled for convenience when moving or for storage.

Will my pet use your castles?

Designed with small pet psychology in mind, our products have been thoughtfully designed and created so they very well loved and used by bunnies and pets! You will find as soon as they have one of our castles it becomes their new favourite place to hang out.

As small pets like bunnies are prey animals, having two entrances/exits is key to ensure bunnies feel safe inside- and it will become their go to space for eating and sleeping!

Can they easily chew the castles?

Our castles are made from birch plywood which is resistant to bunstruction- so even if bunnies have a good munch it may leave some marks, but the structure of the castle will not be affected. You can see our many reviews from customers who have owned our castles for many years!

Our birch wood is untreated and paint free making it completely pet safe.

Can you clean the castles?

As our wood is untreated to keep it pet safe, it is harder to clean if a bunny has an accident on it. However, we sell machine washable cushions perfect for the top of the castles to prevent any permanent stains!

What starter products do you recommend?

We recommend purchasing one of our single or double storey castles (personalised for some extra cuteness) with a cushion for a first time bun trying out our products!

This will give your bun time to see if they love their castles- which we guarantee they will, while also providing some protection to the wood with our cushions and giving extra comfort.

In future you can then purchase castles or tunnels to add on to your castle and build up your fort.

We would also always recommend for any first time customer trying out our best selling stacking cups- they are one of our most popular products for a reason, buns love them! They are one of the best toys for enrichment to enhance your buns meal times.