About Us

As bunny owners, we know how important bunny enrichment is - so we started Cosy's Castles, the most affordable rabbit enrichment castles & hides on the market. 


- To create affordable, customisable bunny homes suitable for every breed of rabbit🐇
- To use high quality birch wood which is very durable so your hide lasts your bun many years (bar the slight bit of chewing of course!)🌲
- Our castles are sourced and made in the UK and packaged in eco-friendly packaging to be kind to our planet 🌎
- Quality control is SO important to us so every castle is built and checked before dispatch🌟


I adopted baby Cosy, a very unwell disabled bunny who was about to be put down. We knew we could give her the best chance at recovering and despite the odds not being in her favour, she fought through and is the happy bunny with us today!
After this experience, we knew we had to give her the best we could and provide an enriched and fulfilling life- so I started Cosy's Castles to bring Cosy and all other bunnies happiness while being aesthetic for bun mums & dads homes!
So, with my best friend Romy, we began to design.
Bunny enrichment is a constant challenge, having to think of new ideas, and we are here to make that process so much easier. 


We are a 4 bun (Cosy, Noah, Bear & Nova) and 2 girl team (Kate & Romy) 

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