The Ultimate Bunny Set-Up Inspo Guide

The Ultimate Bunny Set-Up Inspo Guide

In need of a revamp of your bunny's area but don't know where to start? We are here to help! We have collected an array of set ups, ranging from practical to aesthetic, all designed with appropriate bunny care in mind. 

Bunnies have a lot of complex care requirements, and having an appropriate set up is the first place to start when thinking about their needs. The RWAF recommends rabbits need 2 x 3 meter of space for their safe enclosed area. This is so they have the space to comfortably run around, clean themselves and explore which are all positive behaviours. It needs a minimum height of 1 meter, however having an open top is much more social for both you and your buns. 

For our set up, we have a pen smaller than these recommendations- this is because Cosy & Noah are free roam. Our pen has a gate which is open 24/7, and we use it to close it when we need to keep them safe, for example when we are cleaning or having people over. The rest of the time they have the space of our whole flat to explore. This works well for us, however wouldn't necessarily work for every home for example if you have other pets or children. If your bunny can’t free roam, having allocated time to explore the house or outdoor space is important for their enrichment. 

Our set up features a double storey castle, tunnel and castle bundle with 3 castle cushions and a tunnel cushion. We have an adapted litter tray for Cosy, which is the same as the ones on our website available to purchase but slightly lower! We use a hay bag to supply their daily hay while keeping it fresh. 

We use Back2Nature litter in their tray with hay. The whole pen is situated on a base covered in lino to protect the flooring. On the vinyl the bunnies have carpet samples for them to sleep on which are perfect as we can easily throw them out and replace them when they get dirty.


Here are some other gorgeous set ups:

@bonniebobtail has a gorgeous free roam set up in their utility room, creating plenty of open bright space for Bonnie. Featuring our personalised castle and tunnel. 

@maythebunsbewithyou have a stunning open free roam set up in their home of their brand new home. They have a double storey castle, single storey castle and flop tunnel all with matching cushions. They also have an IKEA hol with cut out entrances to store their hay and litter tray. 



@bunsunderthestairs have changed an IKEA cabinet into a bunny storage/litter tray area, by cutting out an opening on the side. This is an easy and practical way to hide the litter tray area and blend it perfectly with your home!