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Castle & Tunnel Cushions

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Our best selling castle cushions are perfect for the top or inside of your castle for both comfort and protection from accidents. They are handmade by our team and are filled, stitched and sewn with love. This means they are amazing quality that you won't find anywhere else, sustainable and eco friendly! 

These cushions are for our standard sized castles and tunnels.  Below you have the option to choose castle or tunnel cushion to fit each part of your fort.

Our castle cushions also have matching IKEA bed cushions and hay bags for a full matching set! They are machine washable and quilted for ultimate comfort, making them the perfect place to flop or loaf.

Our current fabrics are:

- Floral Bunnies: a thick amazing quality waxed fabric with bunny outlines and little pastel flowers. Please note to this thicker fabric, these cushions sit on the inside of the castle edges rather than over the top of it.

- Minimalistic Rainbows: a super soft muslin like fabric with pastel rainbows all over. 

- Pink Bunnies: a cotton mix fabric in grey pink with white bunnies 

It also means we are able to do custom sized cushions and custom fabrics on request so drop us a message. 

Our castle cushions fit the top or inside of castles, and our tunnel cushions fit our standard tunnels! (Flop tunnel cushions are available on our website also on another page)


Please note: these are sold individually not as a pair. Please wash on a quick, low temperature wash and allow to air dry (hand washing is preferable)


Castle cushion: approx 29cm by 27cm
Tunnel cushion: approx 36cm by 24cm
Please note each is handmade to order, so may vary slightly in size or shape.


Cotton mix fabric


Our dispatch policy is 7-14 days as all products are bespoke made to order.

UK shipping is 2-4 working days, please see our shipping page for international shipping times.

Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions
Castle & Tunnel Cushions

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Emily Hunter
Fantastic Product

My bunny absolutely loves the cushions, they are so soft and well made. There were some issues regarding delivery however the customer service I received was fantastic and the issue was rectified almost immediately. I will definitely be ordering again :)

Ella Ogden
Very good!

Amazing, but a bit flimsy

Lovely but very small!

It’s a very pretty design but so small and maybe not the sturdiest! Our lionheads just about fit in there.

Katie Langridge
Cute product, but is a little flimsy

My bunnies loveeee the castle! However I do worry that as they get older, it may not take their weight. The wood is pretty thin & seems a little flimsy & I am worried it will collapse. However, buns are happy, it hasn’t been chewed by them. One other small point is that my baby buns have wee’d on it several times & it’s now already stained with no real way to get the stains off as it’s bare wood. Just something to bear in mind if you are looking to buy.
Nonetheless, I would buy again. It’s a cute product, bunnies are very happy. Thank you xx

June Codd
June codd

My two rabbits love their house they run in and out sit on top of it. It’s given them a lot more exercise and they play together a lot more.


How do I build your items?

Our items come flat packed and can be assembled with no tools, simply slot the pieces together! It takes less than 2 minutes. They can then be disassembled for convenience when moving or for storage.

Will my pet use your castles?

Designed with small pet psychology in mind, our products have been thoughtfully designed and created so they very well loved and used by bunnies and pets! You will find as soon as they have one of our castles it becomes their new favourite place to hang out.

As small pets like bunnies are prey animals, having two entrances/exits is key to ensure bunnies feel safe inside- and it will become their go to space for eating and sleeping!

Can they easily chew the castles?

Our castles are made from birch plywood which is resistant to bunstruction- so even if bunnies have a good munch it may leave some marks, but the structure of the castle will not be affected. You can see our many reviews from customers who have owned our castles for many years!

Our birch wood is untreated and paint free making it completely pet safe.

Can you clean the castles?

As our wood is untreated to keep it pet safe, it is harder to clean if a bunny has an accident on it. However, we sell machine washable cushions perfect for the top of the castles to prevent any permanent stains!

What starter products do you recommend?

We recommend purchasing one of our single or double storey castles (personalised for some extra cuteness) with a cushion for a first time bun trying out our products!

This will give your bun time to see if they love their castles- which we guarantee they will, while also providing some protection to the wood with our cushions and giving extra comfort.

In future you can then purchase castles or tunnels to add on to your castle and build up your fort.

We would also always recommend for any first time customer trying out our best selling stacking cups- they are one of our most popular products for a reason, buns love them! They are one of the best toys for enrichment to enhance your buns meal times.